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IOT Solutions in Environmental Protection Ministry of Environmental Protection has urged environmental administrations in all parts of the country to accelerate the integration of informatization and environmental protection, based on information network infrast.. More>>
Intelligent Mine IOT Solution Along with the State’s increasing demand of coal mine safety and computerization, coal users are getting more and more eager to promote automation via computerization and correspondingly mining information system has bee.. More>>
IOT Solutions in Digital Oilfield With the development of automated information systems of oilfield, the management models within the field has transferred from the previous extensive, decentralized style to the information style, gradually strengthening.. More>>
Internet of Things Solutions on Intelligent Grid As the fast increase of power distribution terminals, the requirement for information transmission is more and more urgent. In addition, the functional extension of the power distribution management system also increases.. More>>
Intelligence M2M Water Solution The water resources is related to the basic resources in China and the people's livelihood, water shortage, water pollution aggravate existing such water and soil erosion serious problems, how to conduct a reasonable and.. More>>
Intelligent Nuclear Power IOT Solutions Datang Telecom extends IOT to nuclear power field by dynamic integration of wireless communication system with IPRs, terminal and sensor. With “McWiLL wireless broadband communications + internet of things” solutions, Da.. More>>
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