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IOT Solutions on Smart Business Center Datang Telecom introduces Internet for things into intelligent business center, and provides a brand new solution. The system includes multi solutions on smart business center service, which realized the concept of thing.. More>>
IOT Solutions for Campus Security Guards Children arethe flowers of motherland, and schools are grounds for breedingflowers. A safe campus is the guarantee of studying at ease and living happily. At the policyof “Actionimmediately, let’s gives our children a pe.. More>>
People First Solutions for Digital Communities With the aim of contributing to the ongoing development of a harmonious society, digital communities prioritize the interests of people first, providing service designed to meet the needs of people and their communities... More>>
DTT IC Residence Permit Card Solutions In issued by National Development and Reform Commission, it is the first time to put forward implementing residence permit system throughout the country. Residence permits are issued to the floating population, awhich.. More>>
Intelligent One Card M2M Solution Citizen card project is city information infrastructure, which belong to e-government category. Citizen card is an integration electricity card authorized by the government, and issue to citizens for personal social affa.. More>>
IOT Solutions for Mobile Payment Background Based on Mobile communication network, Mobile e-commerce can do E-commerce activities though mobile phone, personal digital assistant, PDA, and so on.Mobile communication network is the bearer network of E-com.. More>>
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