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IOT Solutions on Intelligent Transport By the end of 2009, there are more than 180 million cars held in China. The large amount of vehicles seems to be the cause of most traffic jams in the main streets downtown. Level of the intelligent transport system can .. More>>
Digitalized response emergencies: Emergency-response command solution "Digital city" refers to information-based measures designed to process, analyze and manage all information concerning any incidents across the entire city, by means of informatization and mobile communication technology.. More>>
IOT Solutions on Smart Business Center Datang Telecom introduces Internet for things into intelligent business center, and provides a brand new solution. The system includes multi solutions on smart business center service, which realized the concept of thing.. More>>
Future Smart City with Unlimited Expansion U-City Comprehensive Solutions Smart City can make fully use of information and communication technology for sense, analysis, and the integration of the key information, to give smart response in living, environmental protecting, public safety, city s.. More>>
IOT Solutions for Campus Security Guards Children arethe flowers of motherland, and schools are grounds for breedingflowers. A safe campus is the guarantee of studying at ease and living happily. At the policyof “Actionimmediately, let’s gives our children a pe.. More>>
IOT Solutions in Environmental Protection Ministry of Environmental Protection has urged environmental administrations in all parts of the country to accelerate the integration of informatization and environmental protection, based on information network infrast.. More>>
People First Solutions for Digital Communities With the aim of contributing to the ongoing development of a harmonious society, digital communities prioritize the interests of people first, providing service designed to meet the needs of people and their communities... More>>
Intelligent Mine IOT Solution Along with the State’s increasing demand of coal mine safety and computerization, coal users are getting more and more eager to promote automation via computerization and correspondingly mining information system has bee.. More>>
DTT IC Residence Permit Card Solutions In issued by National Development and Reform Commission, it is the first time to put forward implementing residence permit system throughout the country. Residence permits are issued to the floating population, awhich.. More>>
IOT Solutions in Digital Oilfield With the development of automated information systems of oilfield, the management models within the field has transferred from the previous extensive, decentralized style to the information style, gradually strengthening.. More>>
Intelligent One Card M2M Solution Citizen card project is city information infrastructure, which belong to e-government category. Citizen card is an integration electricity card authorized by the government, and issue to citizens for personal social affa.. More>>
Internet of Things Solutions on Intelligent Grid As the fast increase of power distribution terminals, the requirement for information transmission is more and more urgent. In addition, the functional extension of the power distribution management system also increases.. More>>
Intelligence M2M Water Solution The water resources is related to the basic resources in China and the people's livelihood, water shortage, water pollution aggravate existing such water and soil erosion serious problems, how to conduct a reasonable and.. More>>
IOT Solutions for Mobile Payment Background Based on Mobile communication network, Mobile e-commerce can do E-commerce activities though mobile phone, personal digital assistant, PDA, and so on.Mobile communication network is the bearer network of E-com.. More>>
Intelligence Agriculture M2M Solution Agricultural remote diagnosis system is the wireless video monitoring product launched by datang telecom in 2008 for production process monitoring of agriculture, planting and breeding and avoidance and governance of haz.. More>>
M2M IOT Solutions By embedding wireless communication module inside machines and by access means of wireless communication, M2M provides comprehensive information solutions to satisfy consumers’ needs of monitoring, dispatching, data coll.. More>>
Intelligent Nuclear Power IOT Solutions Datang Telecom extends IOT to nuclear power field by dynamic integration of wireless communication system with IPRs, terminal and sensor. With “McWiLL wireless broadband communications + internet of things” solutions, Da.. More>>
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