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Broadband Access Solution for Network Upgrades With EPON technology, one single fiber can accommodate ordinary telephone traffic, broadband data and analog TV signals to enable FTTH applications. The system is highly scalable to meet the requirements of IPTV, videoco.. More>>
Digital Multimedia Information Distribution Datang Mobile's multimedia information distribution mode integrates the diversity and vitality of multimedia video information. It can manage information distribution both remotely and centrally and can update content at.. More>>
DPI Solution Is Designed to Improve Lean Management of Carriers Nowadays, P2P flow accounts for 50-70% of total internet data flow. When streaming media and other services are factored in, data flow of new services is tremendous. This tends to render somewhat obsolete the typical wid.. More>>
The EOC Solution for Two-way Transformation The EOC solution facilitates transmission of CATV and IP signals on the same coaxial cable over the last 100 meters of the HFC two-way network without either one interfering with the other. The solution is easily managed.. More>>
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