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Blue Ocean Extended to Dream: Offing Coverage Solutions With economic development, coastal fisheries, the rapid development of marine tourism, offshore communications on the increasing demand for mobile communications. Exist in the coastal ferry, tourism, water sports competi.. More>>
Combat a Success: Water Coverage Solutions Many cities in China, the beautiful river through the city, create a unique landscape. But at the same time, the scene-specific radio propagation channel characteristics lead to the difficulty focus of TD-SCDMA network c.. More>>
Enhance the Customer Experience: Dense Urban Coverage Solutions After several of the construction of TD-SCDMA, China Mobile TD-SCDMA network has covered 238 cities, the basic realization of the TD-SCDMA signal coverage all over the country. But in dense urban areas, there are still e.. More>>
High-speed Mobile Coverage Solution Now, the speed of the train is more than 200km/h, some high-speed rail, such as Beijing-Tianjing high-speed rail reach 350 km/h, while the Shanghai maglev train, a maximum speed of 431 km/h. As the fastest land transport.. More>>
Indoor Capacity Increase: Large Building Coverage Solutions In wireless network coverage, indoor coverage has been difficult. With the construction of the city's modernization, China's super-large buildings, more and more complex environment of the scene, the capacity demand, to .. More>>
A Wonderful Underground World:Datang Mobile Metro Coverage Solutions At present, China is becoming the world's largest urban rail transit market. How to allow the users enjoy excellent TD-SCDMA business anytime, anywhere in the subway, which is essential in TD-SCDMA wireless coverage. .. More>>
Planning the Perfect All-round Coverage: Large Venue Solutions Big stadiums wireless communication coverage is the focus of the wireless network, with the 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Asian Games held in Guangzhou, a large increase of TD-SCDMA network coverage stadium was need, Datan.. More>>
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