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The Indoor Coverage Optimization Solutions of TD-SCDMA The most mainstream of 3G data services are in the indoor, so the indoor coverage effects of competition in business applications is the key to 3G.Through testing and evaluation, DT mobile use specific modules and optimi.. More>>
Network Planning The refinement of the network planning applications not only to help operators to allocate the overall network resources statically, but also need to reflect the local site for the dynamic changes, reducing unnecessary i.. More>>
The VIP Network Optimization Solutions for User Awareness of TD-SCDMA The VIP network optimization solutions for user awareness of DT Mobile are different from the ordinary network optimization, Which improve the network performance as a starting point,and finally to the user awareness of .. More>>
The High-load Network Optimization Solutions of TD-SCDMA With the increasing expansion coverage and improvement of TD-SCDMA network, We should diagnosis and optimize the network timely, and then proposal the associated network configuration traffic model, All of the works are .. More>>
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