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T98S 1. Description of the product It is an industry application LTE terminal supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof supporting GPS and Beidou Positioning supports multi-functional interface and the expansion of a v.. More>>
T92 1. Description of the product It is an industry application LTE terminal water resistant design and meet IP54 requirements Supporting GPS and Beidou Positioning. Supporting for intercom dedicated buttons, Supp.. More>>
MIFI 958 1. Description of the product MIFI958 supports TDD-LTE/ FDD-LTE/ UMTS/ TD-SCDMA/ GSM five modes in 16 different frequencies while can be managed by computer or smartphone as a router; it has RJ45 interface that convert.. More>>
DTivy L1809: Single-Chip Android Smartphone Solution High performance: Quad-core architecture integrating AP+Modem, ARM1 empowers 520MHz fully into apps processing to enable higher multitask capacity. Economic Solution: High integration to reduce PCBA area...... More>>
DTivy L1808B: Feature Phone Solution A Turnkey Solution: Optimized cost-efficiency, commercial UI reference design, enabling instant differentiation and shortened R&D cycle substantially. High Performance Price Ratio: multiplexing of Quad-core architectur.. More>>
DTivy L1760: TD-LTE/TD-HSPA Dual-mode Terminal Solution Versatile Multimode: Multimode framework compatible to auto-shift between TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA, open to FDD-LTE. Advanced process technology: 65nm process adopted, evolving to 40nm. High Download Bit-rate: 100 Mbps/DL; 50.. More>>
DTivy L1711 MS:Wireless Modem Solution Fully adaptive with mainstream APs, proven adaption with Nvidia, Samsung, TI, Haisi,etc. Seamless supportive to mainstream OS: Android, Windows, Linux, etc. Economic Solution: optimized design, simplified BOM, lower .. More>>
DTivy L1710 FWT: Entry Level FWT Solution A customized Fix-Wireless Telephone solution, providing Turnkey design to shorten R&D cycle for customers as well as cut down cost. More>>
DTivy L1710 FP:ULC Feature Phone Solution Leadcore’s outperforming ULC Feature Phone Solution, developed for TD-SHPA/GGE dualmode scenario, enables mobile TV, streaming, video call, browser, etc economically for customers. More>>
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