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The Special Issue Network Services of TD-SCDMA DT Mobile keep tracking of new technologies and new algorithms for different scenarios of new features to explore the parameters of configuration and carry out the existing problems in the network, and actively explore a.. More>>
The Network Planning and Optimization Services of TD-SCDMA With the wireless network planning and optimization experiences and strong supporting teams, DT mobile provide the comprehensive , full-scene network planning and optimization solutions to solve the problems of different.. More>>
The Network Maintenance Services of TD-SCDMA Datang Mobile has been taking advantage of three technology-based support systems and the flexible maintaining ways to provide customers with a powerful of high-quality network maintenance and technical services by the s.. More>>
The Network Design Services of TD-SCDMA DT Mobile with strong technical strength and perfect service to support customer requirements, with nationwide coverage to provide standardized,high-quality, fast network construction services. More>>
The Optimization Services of WLAN Network DT mobile has been focusing on the services of optimization for wireless local network (WLAN) since 2002. We can provide important basis for the future network expansion to our customers. More>>
WLAN Systems Integration Services Datang Mobile WLAN systems integration solutions focused on meeting customer needs, to provide users a total solution, based on user needs and market analysis, select promising and competitive products and solutions comp.. More>>
System Integration Services for Network Coverage Datang Mobile network coverage provides the products and services including logistics, product testing, technical support, construction and after-sales service, technical training. In 2008 Datang Mobile received the comm.. More>>
The Optimization Services of GSM Network In the past 11 years, with rich experiences and innovation in multi-vendor equipment optimization, and complete project management, Datang Mobile whose service guide is forcing on the user perception and improving networ.. More>>
Room Maintenance Services Sub-distribution Agency Datang Mobile Room maintenance services integrates internal and external resources, with long-term equipment maintenance experience, This service provides a test of indoor distribution system, real-time monitoring, routi.. More>>
The Network Optimization Services of CDMA Network Through a long-term accumulation of the technology, Datang Mobile put forward a new solution for a number of special issues of network optimization services in the CDMA field,and achieve a significant effect in the imple.. More>>
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