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Unified Hardware Platform Product: RASTAP Reliable-Available-Serviceable Telecom Architecture Platform(RASTAP) which is a general hardware platform product of DTmobile ,is based on advanced ATCA telecom architecture, is compliant with core standard PICMG3.0 and .. More>>
TDeN Series Depending on the core predominance in TD-SCDMA domain, DT mobile explores the application of TD in each field actively, takes the lead in developing miniaturization TD-SCDMA enterprise network system——TDeN which is appli.. More>>
Multi-Media Control Platform: MMC Multi-Media Control Platform (MMC) is mainly used in control and dispatch application of industries such as Emergency Communication. It is the full service support platform of industry which integrated communication acce.. More>>
Indoor Coverage Solutions Datang Mobile is the first contractor entering the indoor distribution market, in Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Hubei, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanxi, Sichuan, more than ten provinces and municipalities. Datang Mobile has provide .. More>>
TD-SCDMA Femtocell System Products: TDF3000 Datang Mobile's TD-SCDMA Femtocell system (TDF3000) has been developed by Datang Mobile as a new-generation hardware platform. It retains the advantages of existing hardware platform products, and delivers superior integ.. More>>
BBU Series Based on the new-generation multimode base station platform and small in design, products in Datang Mobile's TD-LTE BBU series deliver higher capacity, integration, performance, bandwidth and flexibility. More>>
TD-SCDMA Wireless Network Controller: TDR3000 The TDR300 is a large-capacity wireless network controller that has been developed by Datang Mobile.The TDR3000 consists of a standard hardware platform, IP switching technology, separate control layer and transaction la.. More>>
RRU Series Datang Mobile's new-generation RF processing unit is based on a highly developed commercial platform, is small in size, and has a large capacity and a large power design to enable strong indoor and outdoor coverage. It i.. More>>
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