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The Core Packet Network, a Product of The Evolution of TD-LTE: TLE 3000 TLE 3000, or EPC, is a network access product, a new 3G solution resulting from the evolution of LTE/SAFE, which is defined and developed using Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) as the standard ha.. More>>
TD-LTE Base Station Tester: TLeNBT The TLeNBT is an integrated base station tester that can simulate terminal functions and combine with other wireless network devices to test and validate TD-LTE system functions. It supports flexible timeslot configurati.. More>>
Unified Hardware Platform Product: RASTAP Reliable-Available-Serviceable Telecom Architecture Platform(RASTAP) which is a general hardware platform product of DTmobile ,is based on advanced ATCA telecom architecture, is compliant with core standard PICMG3.0 and .. More>>
TDeN Series Depending on the core predominance in TD-SCDMA domain, DT mobile explores the application of TD in each field actively, takes the lead in developing miniaturization TD-SCDMA enterprise network system——TDeN which is appli.. More>>
Multi-Media Control Platform: MMC Multi-Media Control Platform (MMC) is mainly used in control and dispatch application of industries such as Emergency Communication. It is the full service support platform of industry which integrated communication acce.. More>>
Indoor Coverage Solutions Datang Mobile is the first contractor entering the indoor distribution market, in Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Hubei, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanxi, Sichuan, more than ten provinces and municipalities. Datang Mobile has provide .. More>>
TD-SCDMA Femtocell System Products: TDF3000 Datang Mobile's TD-SCDMA Femtocell system (TDF3000) has been developed by Datang Mobile as a new-generation hardware platform. It retains the advantages of existing hardware platform products, and delivers superior integ.. More>>
BBU Series Based on the new-generation multimode base station platform and small in design, products in Datang Mobile's TD-LTE BBU series deliver higher capacity, integration, performance, bandwidth and flexibility. More>>
TD-SCDMA Wireless Network Controller: TDR3000 The TDR300 is a large-capacity wireless network controller that has been developed by Datang Mobile.The TDR3000 consists of a standard hardware platform, IP switching technology, separate control layer and transaction la.. More>>
RRU Series Datang Mobile's new-generation RF processing unit is based on a highly developed commercial platform, is small in size, and has a large capacity and a large power design to enable strong indoor and outdoor coverage. It i.. More>>
AP (Access Point): WLA1100 Datang Mobile's WLAN products are primarily put to use in WLAN coverage in the 3G+WLAN environments of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, in network coverage in broadcasting and in industrial application envir.. More>>
AP (Access Point): WLA2100 Datang Mobile's WLAN products are primarily put to use in WLAN coverage in the 3G+WLAN environments of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, in network coverage in broadcasting and in industrial application envir.. More>>
TD-SCDMA Terminal Protocol Conformance Tester:ECT6210 ECT6210 TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance tester is DTmobile’s new-generation TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance testing system. More>>
Terminal Protocol Conformance Tester (PCT) ECT7310 ECT7310 is the latest TD-LTE terminal protocol conformance tester released by Datang Mobile. It can fully support 3GPP R9 2010-12 key specifications. More>>
Wireless Communication Test Set:CTP3110 CTP3110 Wireless Communication Test Set is a test instrument offered by DTmobile to provide accurate measurement of RF parameters of mobile terminals. More>>
SPAN RFPO:Automatic Frequency Planning & Optimization Adjacent Areas SPAN RFPO neighborhood frequency automatic planning and optimization tool is a neighborhood for the district, frequency, scrambling code planning and optimization parameters of the special tools. More>>
SPAN Outum (Drive Test Reception) SPAN Outum is a tool for TD-SCDMA network for troubleshooting, verification, optimization and maintenance of advanced easy-to-air interface test system. More>>
SPAN NPS:TD-SCDMA Wireless Network Planning Software Datang Mobile SPAN NPS is the industry's first self-developed TD-SCDMA wireless network planning software. More>>
SPAN iADS:Automatic Drive Test System Background Network Edition SPAN iADS is remotely intelligent back-end server computing background analysis of drive test tools to automate the analysis of the drive test index statistics, combined with the joint problem of positioning the upper an.. More>>
SPAN Analysis:Drive Test Background Analysis SPAN Analysis is an easy-to-advanced network measurement data processing and analysis system. Support SPAN Outum and SPAN ADT acquisition processing and analysis of data obtained. More>>
SPAN ADT: Auto Test Drive Test Reception SPAN ADT is independently developed by Datang Mobile, China's first full-standard network automatic drive test system, Can achieve a variety of standard road network of automatic test data collection and storage, Can be .. More>>
SPAN ADC: Automatic Background Monitoring Road Test SPAN ADC is independently developed by Datang Mobile, China's first auto road test all standard network monitoring system, The ADT system is the background data acquisition front-end management, monitoring subsystem. More>>
EXPT STA:Signaling Trace Analysis Tool EXPT STA is the special software of used to Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA Systems track and analyze signaling. More>>
EXPT MMR:MR Geographical Analysis EXPT MMR tool for TD-SCDMA system by extracting the radio measurement report, to achieve the assessment of TD-SCDMA network coverage analysis, quality of analysis, the more area of coverage, pilot pollution analysis and .. More>>
EXPT CDG :GIS-based Mass Insight CDL-MR EXPT CDG is a CDL and MR data based on network performance monitoring and network optimization analysis tool. More>>
EXPT CDD:CDL Signal Analysis EXPT CDD signal analysis was used to analyze the data of Datang Mobile CDL. Features include switching analysis, IMSI analysis and other functions. More>>
Distribution Landscaping Antenna Distribution landscaping antennas, which does not increase the propagation loss in the communication, through various means to disguise the appearance of the antenna to achieve the purpose of beautification. More>>
Base Station Landscaping Antenna Landscaping antenna is in line with conventional antenna technology indicators, based on the decorative landscaping the antenna, so the appearance in harmony with the surrounding environment, to reduced the visual impact.. More>>
Building Distribution Passive Components Datang Mobile provide mobile operators over the years for a full range of high quality indoor distribution of passive components, products include splitters, couplers, combiners, attenuators, loads, Antenna and POI; the .. More>>
Repeater Repeater is a same frequency amplification device which is a basic function of RF signal power booster. More>>
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