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China Unicom Operating Revenue Hit CNY 140.26 Billion in 1H16 2016-08-19


China Unicom announced the financial results in 1H16 on August 17.

According to the results, China Unicom achieved operating revenue of CNY 140.26 billion, dropping 3.1% year over year, and net profit of CNY 1.43 billion, falling by 79.6%, showing a better performance compared with half a year ago. China Unicom actually lost CNY 3.36 billion in 2H15, with sale proceeds of tower assets not considered.

Its service revenue reached CNY 121.91 billion with a YoY increase of 1.4%, of which non-voice services accounted for 73.1%, rising 4.8%.

Revenue of mobile services

A 0.6% YoY decrease happened to its mobile service revenue which hit CNY 73.04 billion, showing a decreasing decline rate. China Unicom took its mobile subscriber base to 260.7 million with 8.39 million additions in the first half of this year while 4G subscribers increased 28.26 million, reaching 72.42 million.

Revenue of fixed network services

The fixed network services of the company brought CNY 48.23 billion, a 4.4% growth compared with a year ago, including revenue of CNY 22.3 billion from fixed broadband services of which the subscribers increased 4.7%, hitting 73.94 million, and FTTH subscribers accounted for 62%.

Revenue of IDC & cloud computing services

The IDC & cloud computing services earned China Unicom CNY 4.76 billion, which is 39% larger year over year while revenue of ICT services came in at CNY 3.28 billion, marking a 34% YoY increase.

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