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China Unicom Has Achieved All-Optical Network in 8 Provinces 2016-08-12


China Unicom released the Service Quality Report for 1H16 recently.

According to the Report, China Unicom has been improving the network quality, expanding service channels, enriching service products and protecting the interests of customers in the first half of 2016.

In terms of fixed network, China Unicom has kept promoting the transformation of fiber-optic network and improving the broadband speed and implemented the optical network upgrade plan for phase II with the broadband ports reaching 177 million accumulatively, FTTH ports accounting for over 66% and total bandwidth of 169 Backbone Network hitting 100T. The company has constructed 8 all-optical network provinces and 130 all-optical network cities, which largely increased the network service capability.

In addition, China Unicom has started the cooperation project on 39,900 outdoor stations and 39,800 buildings which increased the network quality, reduced the cost and raised the effect; in the aspect of interoperability, the bandwidth of its network has added 230G.


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