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Datang Mobile Released Pre-Commercial TDD LTE-Hi Small Cell in 3.5GHz 2015-03-05

Source;GTI The release of LTE-Hi small cell based on TD-LTE shows advanced features, including dynamic TDD, synchronization with radio interface, inter/intra-frequency handover, peak data rate with single/dual carriers, etc.. With dynamic TDD, it allows to dynamically adjust the sub-frame structure configuration, i.e. TDD uplink-downlink configuration, which improves the spectrum efficiency and reduces the power consumption evidently. For example, the initial configuration of timeslot is 2U2D. When only downlink download is requested, the dynamic TDD adjusts the timeslot configuration to 1U3D, which ensures better subscriber experience, and the peak rate with single carrier to 110Mbps, that with dual carriers over 200Mbps. Besides, LTE-Hi supports the multi-hop radio interface-based synchronization, which improves the reliability and flexibility of network deployment. The LTE-Hi also supports the inter/intra-frequency handover, which guarantees the consistent service. The demonstration shows the progress on the TDD LTE-Hi industrialization, and promises the application of LTE-Hi based on TD-LTE to indoor and hotspot coverage in the future wireless communication systems.
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