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BMSat was certified as 4G satellite mobile communication standard 2014-03-03

On October 2013, ITU-R SG4 Study Group meeting was held, Chinese government-led 4G satellite mobile communication standard “BMSat(Broadband Mobile Satellite)’’was formally certified as global 4G mobile satellite communications standards. The standard is led by the Ministry of Science and Technology Department, Datang Telecom Group, the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Southeast University jointly developed. Global 4G mobile satellite communications standards including two techniques, one is BMSat submitted by China,another is SAT-OFDM submitted by South Korea. BMSat based on 4G LTE-Advanced standards, and the complementary terrestrial 4G standard. With the features of satellite communication systems, such as satellite link power limitation, the propagation delay, high reliability and wide coverage, the standard proposed Long TTI binding, OFDM + CDMA, enhanced paging, random access, and the pre-sync pre-synchronous switching, IBIC (Inter-beam interference coordination), a large number of low PAPR coding of key technologies. BMSat support networking integration with terrestrial cellular systems, can achieve 100% geographic coverage probability, user rate up to 100Mbps and 1000Km / h of application scenarios, at any time and any place to provide high speed broadband experience for users. Datang Wireless Mobile Innovation Center, a subsidiary of Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, was the initiator of the standard and the owner of core intellectual property rights of TD-LTE-Advanced technology.
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