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Datang Mobile help China Telecom open up the first TDD First Call successfully 2014-01-23

On November 7th, China Telecom and Datang Mobile Communication Equipment Co Ltd. (abbreviation: Datang Mobile, a company who operated by Datang Telecom Group) had jointly completed the installation and activation and adjustment of China Telecom Group TD-LTE base station demonstration in some TD-LTE pilot cities. They were the first to open up the first TDD First Call in pilot cities; not only they got good effect from their business, but also became a landmark breakthrough in China Telecom TD-LTE technology trials. After the National Day this year, the result of the first China Telecom LTE (4G) core equipment invite tender was announced. In the invite tender, TDD network would exist as a separate data subnet due to China Telecom selected the TDD+FDD hybrid network approach. Depend on the experiences of building network and accumulation over a long period of time in TD-LTE field, Datang Mobile won the highest share of China Telecom TDD network tender. In the future, Datang Mobile would help China Telecom network construction and services in 12 provinces in China. It is reported that Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT) approved the launch of China Telecom TD-LTE trial network construction, pre-commercial service and related business in the end of October 2013. Meanwhile, China Telecom launched the TD-LTE trial network construction in key cities progressively. As the TD-LTE mainstream equipment and service provider, Datang Mobile has been committed to providing quality equipment and services for operators. Currently, Datang Mobile and China Mobile had launched TD-LTE scale network test, assisting operators to build high-quality TD-LTE network and improving user experiences in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other provinces. At the same time, Datang Mobile researched the diverse needs of customers in-depth, organized and participated in a number of TD-LTE technology validation and outfield trials. Not long ago, Datang Mobile completed TD-LTE-Advanced features laboratory test of Telecommunications Reasearch Institute MTnet laboratory of MIIT. Datang Mobile successfully demonstrated carrier aggregation and functionality and performance of MIMO enhance technology in the key technologies of TD-LTE-Advanced (TD-LTE-A), it fully reflected the technological innovation capability and the excellent performance of product of Datang Mobile. As one of innovative leaders in high-tech field in China, Datang Mobile promotes the development of national communication industry actively. Following the cooperation with China Mobile TD-LTE trial network construction, Datang Mobile cooperates with China Telecom that help operators to build quality 4G network as provide high-quality and convenient network services for more users, with the advantages of its technology and market.
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