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Datang Issues First Social Responsibility Report 2011-05-10

Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group has officially issued the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006-2010, which is the first social responsibility report of Datang. It reveals for the first time Datang ’s social responsibility practice and experience. This fully demonstrates that, during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, Datang strived to be an excellent corporation, fully implemented central enterprise’s social responsibility with practical action, scientific methods and excellent results.


Report shows that, during the five years from2006 to 2010, Datang advanced the development of TD-SCDMA, a vigorous practice of high-tech enterprise promoting technological upgrading and industrial restructuring and promoting commercialization of innovative technology. Datang infuses the responsibility sense value into each practice and grows to become an enterprise with unique competitiveness and features in telecommunication field. Datang has become mainstream equipment suppliers of TD-SCDMA 3G market and one of the largest suppliers of smart card chip and module. Datang is also the world's leading TD-SCDMA terminal solution providers and terminal baseband chip suppliers, accounting for 50% market share in the TD -SCDMA chip and terminal solutions, 20% market share in domestic telecommunications IC cards and social security cards. Datang is the only enterprise which completes the international EMV chip card security system certification in the banking field. In addition, Datang is one of the major suppliers of the second generation ID card, having supplied over 200 million second generation ID card modules.


This is the first Datang Social Responsibility Report, reflecting the active practice that the corporation discloses sustainable development concept and practice. It is reported that Datang will further strengthen the sense of responsibility, and gradually infuse the concept of corporate responsibility into corporate behavior and employee behavior; it will make efforts to promote social responsibility practice, to effectively control risk with responsible management, and to assist in social and environment sustainable development with innovative information technology solutions; it will continue to nurture its own capacity for sustainable development, comprehensively strengthen communication with the relevant parties, actively participate in global dialogue and cooperation, consolidate and improve the leading position, and it is committed to become a model of implementing social responsibility, contributing to the society with outstanding achievement.

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10 May.2011
Datang Issues First Social Responsibility Report
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