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Datang Telecom International Signed a Letter of Intent with Three Sister Companies within Datang Telecom Group to Promote TD International Market 2011-03-14

From TD research and development to its commercial success, then to TD-LTE-Advanced being selected by ITU as 4G standard candidate, Datang Telecom Group has successfully advanced China’s TD standard into the international market. Datang Telecom International, as the international window for Datang Telecom Group, is aimed to establish international sales platform for core products.


To better promote products in the international market, and to thoroughly implement "One Datang" strategy, Datang Telecom International signed strategic cooperation framework letter of intent with Datang Telecom, Datang Mobile and Gohigh respectively on February 28, 2011 and March 3, 2011. In accordance with the provisions of Letter of Intent, the three companies authorize Datang Telecom International to sell their products on international market to strengthen their international competitiveness.


Currently, Datang Telecom Group has a wide range of products, including chips, terminals, system equipment, instrument and meter etc., and has initially formed a operation system covering network planning, design, survey, engineering, testing, network optimization, and after sales service. The cooperation between Datang Telecom International and the three companies will accelerate TD international commercialization, form a complete and powerful sales system and provide product and technique support for overseas contracted engineering projects and large-scale export of complete sets of equipments. On the other hand, Datang Telecom International’s growing sales channel provides a platform for the three companies “going out” business strategy, infuses vitality for their sales model.


It is believed that the cooperation will further strengthen Datang’s competiveness in the field of TD and create a solid foundation for TD international brand.

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