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Datang Mobile Has Been selected as One of the First Equipment Providers for TD-LTE Urban-Scale Network Construction 2011-03-30

Recently approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Datang Mobile, under Datang Telecom Group, has successfully entered TD-LTE scale technical test network. Datang Mobile will implement TD-LTE test network construction, becoming one of the first accredited providers for communications equipment.


It is reported that Datang Mobile has been involved in TD-LTE laboratory,field tests and testing projects organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Mobile. The tests include 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz indoor and field deployment. During the test, Datang Mobile provides integrated terminal-to-terminal solutions, and completes the inter-communication with the other two major terminal providers. This reflects Datang Mobile’s leading role in TD-LTE technology and its strong product research and development capability. As long as the large-scale deployment of TD-LTE test network project completes, China Mobile will be able to provide to the users in test-network-deployment cities with high-definition video, 3D games, FTP transfer, and high-speed Internet and other high-speed mobile broadband services.


Datang Mobile has a long-term technological investment in TD-LTE and 4G technology. It ranks no. 1 in the world in TDD global standard proposal numbers and pass rate, and also occupies a leading role in the TD-enhanced technique research and development. In 2010, Datang Mobile made remarkable achievement in technology research and standardization. In the process of LTE-Advanced standardization, Datang Mobile has a loud voice in such core techniques as the carrier polymer, multiple antenna, relay technology, heterogeneous network. It also leads in various research and standardization process.


During the work of ITU IMT-Advanced, Datang Mobile submitted the TDD advanced assessment methods and parameters as ITU evaluation programs, actively participating in the submission, assessment and promotion of the candidate programs. In October 2010, TD-LTE-Advanced was successfully incorporated as one of 4G standards. In the future, Datang Mobile will continue to be devoted into R & D, and join hands with operators to promote 4G commercialization and let it blossom around the world.

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