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Datang’s First Trip to 2013 AfricaCom 2013-11-12

Organized by the Informa, the event 2013 AfricaCom has attracted hundreds of top leaders and representatives from major African operators, vendors, regulatory agencies, industry analyst firms, service companies and more, to discuss future developments in ICT industry among other topics.

Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, a leading solution provider of global information and communication technology (ICT), begins its first three-day trip to 2013 AfricaCom in Cape Town. Datang has always been a pioneer in driving telecom technology breakthrough and product innovation. As the initiator and core IPRs holder of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE-A standards,

Datang has been a leader in promoting the industrialization and commercialization of the technology, such as system equipment, chipsets, and instruments. Datang has constructed several TD-LTE trial networks both at home and abroad. In January 2012, China’s proposal of TD-LTE-Advanced technology was formally approved by ITU to be one of 4G international mobile communication standards. Headquartered in Beijing, China, Datang has set up R&D and manufacturing bases in major economic cities of China, and established subsidiaries and offices in many other countries and areas.

It is committed to information communication technology (ICT) R&D and manufacturing, and providing end-to-end overall solutions and services. Datang has established advantages in wireless mobile communication, IC design and foundary, special communication, strategic emerging ICT industry and industrial finance.

During 2013 AfricaCom, in TD-LTE area, Datang showcases the industry-leading products and solutions to terminal, wireless access and core network, so as to optimize network performance and expand system capacity. Deep coverage solutions have a variety of remote low-power nodes for different scenarios, including micro base station, MINI RRU, Femto, etc. They can effectively eliminate coverage blind spots, enhance network performance, and meet a variety of LTE networking scenarios with deep coverage.

In addition,Datang showcases a whole set of industry solutions, such as for government confidential communication, society security, business informationization, oil field informationization, innovative accomplishments as to the field of TDD industrialization and the excellent achievement of succeeding TD technologies. In chips and solutions area, Datang also exhibits three series of INNOPOWER chipsets and solutions at the Expo, namely LC 1913, LC 1813, and LC 1761. Based on 40nm technology, LC1913 adopts quad-core ARM Cortex A7 and 1.4 GHz processor, with powerful CPU and GPU capability. LC1813 uses highly-integrated PMU and Codec chips, with a RF chip of high performance loaded. LC1811 adopts quad-core ARM Cortex A9 and dual-core GPU, with an excellent multi-media performance of 1080P HD video coding and decoding. Chip architecture has been upgraded from 4 chipsets to 3 chipsets, which improves integration level, and better controls terminal design costs,among which LC 1761 series are the highlights. There are two types in the series: one is LC1761, which supports 4G, 3G and 2G networks. It is a LTE multi-mode chip based on ZUC, and meets CMCC’s needs for multi-mode chips to support LTE pre-commercial use. The other is dual-mode base band chip LC1761L, supporting TD-LTE and LTE FDD.

In smart card exhibition part, Datang Telecom Group exhibited the social security card chip (including the financial function) solutions, financial IC card chip solutions, mobile payment solutions, on-site payment solutions, remote payment solutions. Beyond that, Datang also exhibited cloud computing and critical components of internet of things in this area.

Datang also demonstrates its capability in terminal design at the expo, showcasing terminals, including TD-SCDMA smart phones, feature phones, pad, TD-SCDMA router, TD-SCDMA wireless USB dongle, 3-proof smart phones and wireless phones. Datang is capable of providing customized phone design both for terminal manufacturers and for industrial application.

With advanced technologies and concepts, Datang customizes products and solutions at different requests. Taking energy conservation and environmental protection into consideration, it strives to provide efficient and effective green ways of communication for its clients.

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