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Datang Telecom Group Participated in Cross-Strait Communications Industry Exchange and Cooperation Conference 2013-09-20

On August 27 and 28, 2013, Cross-Strait Communications Industry Exchange and Cooperation Conference was held in Taichung, Taiwan. “Grasp the Opportunity, Common Prosperity and Development” as the theme of this conference, industry representatives had an in-depth exchange on the following topics, the 4G industry chain cooperation, smart city development, mobile Internet applications, etc. Chinese mainland delegation is headed by Liu Lihua, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, included operators, equipment provider, and experts from communication industry managerial department, research and development institution. Xu Hongzhi, vice president of Datang Telecom Group, and Yang Jiajun, chief engineer attended the conference.

As an important agenda of the conference, “Cross-Strait TD-LTE Business Interaction Ceremony’ successfully held in Beijing, Fuzhou and Taichung. The participants jointly conducted interaction of TD-LTE video services, the video’s quality was smooth and clear, and showed the TD-LTE technology matures, fully reflected the trend of cross-strait promote the development of TD-LTE industry. Datang Telecom Group had strong technical support for the ceremony.

Datang Mobile, a subsidiary of Datang Telecom Group, has invested several sets of TD-LTE equipment, completed the TD-LTE network construction in Taichung venue area. At the same time, Datang Mobile cooperated actively with China Mobile, Taiwan ITRI and Taiwan Vectra to ensure the activities successfully held.

At the conference, Datang Mobile, Taiwan ITRI and Taiwan Vectra Cloud signed the strategic cooperation agreement, and announced jointly construct TD-LTE trial network in Taichung District. According to the agreement, all the relevant details would be provided by Datang Mobile exclusively, such as the base station equipment, networking plan, software technology of equipment upgrade, etc. Meanwhile, Datang linktester and MediaTek signed a cooperation agreement of TD-LTE terminal chip and instrument testing jointly.

In the forum of TD-LTE, Datang Telecom Group’s experts delivered a speech, introduced the development of TD-LTE industry chain in mainland China and Cross-Strait cooperation, and discussed the TD-LTE terminal testing technology and access network testing and TD-LTE outfield testing respectively.

This conference was organized by the China Association of Communication Enterprises, Cross-Strait Communication Exchanges Association and Taiwan Industy and Technology Research Institute, Almost 300 companies representing the leading  telecom carriers, telecom/IT equipment suppliers, and service providers participated in the conference.

Datang Telecom Group Participated in Cross-Strait Communications Industry Exchange and Cooperation Conference


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