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Ma Jiancheng Delivers a Speech on the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 2013-06-28

“With the popularity of mobile communications technology, it has already entered the Big Data era, which brought challenges for mobile communications. Faced with these mass data and different demands, mobile communications require more efficient use of spectrum resources, more flexible wireless access, and continuous technological innovation to cope with the challenges in Big Data era.” Ma Jiancheng,President & CEO of Datang mobile (a subsidiary of Datang Telecom Group),said in his keynote speech at Mobile Asia Expo held by GSMA.

On June 27th, Ma Jiancheng delivered a keynote speech entitled “Mobile for Big Data”, sharing Datang’s observation to wireless mobile communications and mobile internet. Ma Jiancheng discussed with the founder of Ulbuntu, President & CEO of SK planet and host around the topic “Analyzing Big Data”.

Ma Jiancheng pointed out that Big Data showed significant 4V feature (Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Value), Datang will continues to promote Big Data development with TDD technological advantages as its driving force. This will dramatically increase capacity and provided higher velocity, boom of smart terminals, and total security, which ensure customers better experience in Big Data era.

According to Ma Jiancheng,Datang as a mobile expert, is motivated the development of TD industry, and ready in every link of the industry chain for Big Data era. In terminal and Chips, Datang develops the high integrated muti-mode devices with 40nm /28nm. For network services, Datang supports the network smooth evolution from 3G to 4G. In addition, Datang applies TD to informatization, pioneering in intrinsically safe base stations and other TD products & solutions in various industries, such as mine, oilfield, nuclear power and wind power. Datang now explores mobile data services and information security.

Finally, Ma Jiancheng indicated that Datang is doing a lot of research on LTE-Hi and 5G technology and standards, committed to future 5G mobile technologies. He also said that 5G will “continue to enhance bandwidths” and provide download speeds beyond 1 Gb/s.

At this expo, Datang showcases the latest development of TD-LTE and multi-mode LTE chips, which are highlights of the events. Ma Jiancheng’s speech offers insightful observations to the telecom industry. After his speech, Ma Jiancheng exchanges his view with other speakers and the audience.

Ma Jiancheng delivers a keynote speech

Ma Jiancheng discusses with other speakers on conference

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