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Datang attended forums and keynote discussions during ITU Telecom World 2012 2012-10-16

During ITU Telecom World 2012, a series of high-level forums and keynote meetings are held. The TD-LTE technology and spectrum forum jointly held by ITU, China Mobile, GTI and TD Industry Alliance, attracted a lot of attention. Development of TD-LTE and the issue of spectrum were discussed on the forum. Chinese government disclosed that China has allocated the 2500-2690Hz (2.6GHz) and entire 190Mhz spectrum ranges for TD-LTE. It is believed that this will accelerate the global development of TD-LTE.

On October 15th, Ma Weiguo, Deputy GM of Wireless Mobile Innovation Center, attended a penal discussion, “Mobile Broadband Changes Everything”, and discussed changes brought about by mobile internet and the impact on telecommunication mode by mobile internet. Dr Ma introduced LTE-Hi technology, designed for hotspot and indoor scenario. In contrast to wifi, LTI-Hi can provide continuous coverage and a more efficient communication service when there are many users.

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