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ITU Telecom World 2012—IoT and Industry Informatization Area: strategic new industry 2012-10-17

In IoT area, Datang focuses on smart city and informatization. Datang can provide a full range of core products in IoT area, including smart city open-frame solutions, smart city management solutions, general city management and emergency-dealing linkage solutions, safe city solutions, smart traffic management and command solutions, and intelligent senior citizen pension plan.

TDiN dedicated network adopts TD-LTE telecommunication standard, and can be customized according to industry. Based on TD-LTE technology, TDiN dedicated network has the following advantages: high data rate, packet transport, low delay, wide-area coverage, and downward compatibility. It includes industry core network, industry business platform, industry base station, industry terminals, industry unified network management, etc.

Datang also showcases a series of industry informatization solutions based on TDiN dedicated network: offshore/onshore oilfield solutions, electric power solutions, intelligent agriculture solutions, civil aviation solutions, and railway solutions.

Datang shows a complete range of intelligent VoIP products & solutions, customized for small and medium enterprises. The products include trunk gateway, voice service system, IP PBX, and terminal products.

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