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ITU Telecom World 2012—Mobile Internet Area: Mobile Internet helps to deploy a complete industry 2012-10-17

In Mobile Internet Area, Datang demonstrates its complete mobile internet industry deployment, including chipsets, terminals, network access and business support platform, and digital content service platform.

Datang exhibits total solutions of telecommunication smart cards. The products include 2G network smart cards: SIM cards supporting GSM network and UIM cards supporting CDMA2000 network, and 3G network smart cards: USIM cards supporting TD-SCDMA and WCDMA networks and RUIM cards supporting CDMA network.

Datang also demonstrates its capability in terminal design at the expo. Datang is the first to launch TD-SCDMA mobile phones, digital readers and wireless modem. At the same time, Datang provides technical platform for 3G network systems, namely CDMA, GSM, and TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/EV-DO. Datang is capable of providing customized phone design, manufacturing and software application development both for terminal manufacturers and for industrial application.

As to network access and business support platform, full-network solutions can satisfy the demand for operation-level network construction, and provide total solutions from business-control level to terminal access level. The solutions have operation-level framework, with characteristics including reliability, high-performance, high-capacity, various interfaces, combination of cable and wireless, flexible networking, and smooth evolution.

In value-added service, Beijing Xinhua Ruide Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Datang Telecom Group, is an internet service provider that engages in digital content transmissions and in digital cultural product transactions. With its goal of building a global leading cultural product transaction platform, Xinhua Ruide launched Ruide Weiba and Xinhua Public Opinion. Ruide Weiba is a social digital service platform for cultural products and Xinhua Public Opinion is the first product in China which can provide web surveying services to high-end customers.

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