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Chen Shanzhi at MAE: TD Technology will Advance Mobile Internet 2012-06-22

“Mobile Internet will embrace a new wave of development; TD technology, with promising market outlook, will advance the development of Mobile Internet.” Chen Shanzhi, Datang Telecom Group Vice President & CTO, said in his keynote speech at Mobile Asia Expo held by GSMA.

Mobile Asia Expo hosted by GSMA is being held in Shanghai from June 20th to 22th. Chen Shanzhi delivers a keynote speech entitled “TD Advances Mobile Internet Innovative Development”, sharing Datang’s observation to wireless mobile communication and mobile internet. Chen Shanzhi discusses with NTT DOCOMO President & CEO Kato and HTC China CEO Ray Yam around the topic “Mobile Innovation: What’s the Future of Mobile?”

Chen Shanzhi introduces the development trend of Mobile Internet and Datang’s strategy in TD-LTE and Mobile Internet. Following internet and mobile telecom, mobile internet will become the most important innovation which drives the development of Information Communication in the next decade. Mobile Internet is still at its early age with infrastructure construction and personal applications as its main business. The industry structure will be facing reshuffle. In the future, Mobile Internet will step into stage of basic application and information society. As to the development areas, Chen Shanzhi tolds that Asian-Pacific region will become the major growth point of global Mobile Internet development. In particular, the combination of the China’s advantages of low-cost manufacturing with low-cost innovation will help further promote the development of global Mobile Internet industry.

According to Chen Shanzhi, Datang, as the major contributor for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE-A development and standardization, is committed to the development of TDD. Datang will promote LTE-Hi development with TDD macro cover technology as its basis. This will dramatically increase capacity and provide wider band and better experience. Datang actively deploys TD-LTE industry chain, and leads in base stations, terminals,chips, test instruments and networking planning tools. For TD-LTE trial scale network, Datang cooperates with China Mobile to construct network in Nanjing and Beijing. In addition, Datang applies TD to informatization, pioneering in intrinsically safe base stations and other TD products & solutions in various industries, such as mine, oilfield, nuclear power and wind power. Datang now explores new mode of business and introduces Mobile Internet content services with Xinhua reide platform as its basis. Datang works with such top global telecom players as Ericsson and Agilent and joins GTI (Global TD-LTE Initiative).

At this expo, Datang showcases the latest development of TD-LTE and multi-mode LTE chips, which are highlights of the events. Chen Shanzhi’s speech offers insightful observations to the telecom industry. After his speech, Chen Shanzhi exchanges his view with other panelists and the audience.

                                                   Chen Shanzhi delivers a speech

                          Chen Shanzhi discusses with other speaker on conference

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