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TD Smart Network Helps to Enjoy Mobile Life—Datang Telecom Group Participates in CIFTIS 2012 2012-05-28

CIFTIS 2012 starts its 5-day exhibition on May 28 2012 at China National Convention Center in Beijing, China. Datang attends the fair with the theme “Better TD, Better Life”.

TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE area attracts a lot of attention. Datang showcases TD-LTE end-to-end solutions, TD dedicated network solutions and smart network applications.

Datang also exhibits four series of INNOPOWER chipsets and solutions at the fair, among which LC 1761 series are the highlights. There are two types in the series: one is LC1761, which supports 4G, 3G and 2G networks. It is a LTE multi-mode chip based on ZUC, and meets CMCC’s needs for multi-mode chips to support LTE pre-commercial use. The other is dual-mode base band chip LC1761L, supporting TD-LTE and LTE FDD.

Through TD-LTE network, real-time HD VOD can be realized, with a 4G transmission speed ten times higher than 3G networks.

In addition, Datang also exhibits TD-based total solutions for “sensing mine” and for oil field informatization. In smart network applications, Datang demonstrates GPS and petrol-consumption monitoring of more than 1000 cars in Beijing, presenting Datang’s capability in smart transportation.

“Swipe and Share” system, independently developed by Datang, is also demonstrated during the fair. With this system, files on PAD, touch screen and projection screen can be shared by a “swipe”.


chipset on exhibition

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