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Datang Telecom Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hunan Provincial Government 2012-04-24

Release Date: April 20th, 2012


On April 18th 2012, Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hunan Provincial Government. Datang will invest 500 million to 1 billion RMB in Hunan in the next five years, in strategic new industry such as smart card application, IoT, smart city and cloud computing.   

According to the agreement, Datang will set up a new industry development base with annual sales revenue over 2 billion RMB in Hunan. By using advantages in smart card application service, Datang will help Hunan establish a new city service mode, and realize convergence and exchanges of governmental public services, social services, and commercial & financial services, providing convenient, rapid, high-quality and safe services for citizens.  

In addition, Datang will construct a series of key demonstrative projects of informatization in Hunan, relying on its advantages of design, technology, products and standards in areas of smart city and IoT.   

Hunan Provincial Government and Datang will establish High-level interactive mechanism and department cohesion and implementation mechanism, to jointly construct “digital Hunan”. Hunan Government will support Datang in land use, financing, employee training, talents introduction, and help Datang establish cooperation mechanism with universities and scientific research institutes of Hunan in IoT and tri-network convergence.


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