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President Zhen Caiji won the award of China Top Ten Independent Innovator 2011 2011-12-30

On December 28th 2011, Annual Meeting of China’s Independent Innovation 2011 was held in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing. The theme of this meeting was China Innovated to Reply the World Economy Dramatic Change. Mr. Zhen Caiji, the board chairman and president of Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, won the award of China Top Ten Independent Innovator 2011.



Mr Zhen Caiji delivered a speech on the meeting on behalf of innovation characters and enterprises. In the speech, Mr. Zhen reviewed the decade of this century, during which Datang Telecom Group has strategically realized high-end distribution in mobile telecommunication industry by insisting on the mode of technology to be patented, patent to be standardized, standard to be industrialized, industry to be accepted by market, and market to be international.


Datang Telecom Group now has self researched and developed more than 10 million TD chipsets. By November 2011, Datang had filed an accumulated total of more than 12,000 patents, 90% of which were core basic. Its total amount of inventive patent, patent ownership per capita and the patents conversion rate come out forward among the Chinese enterprises. The core patent conversion rate had reached more than 80%.

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