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Datang Telecom Group Exhibited at PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2011 2011-10-14

PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2011 was held at International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China from September 26th to 30th. Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group participated in the exhibition with the theme “Better TD Better Life”, presenting the strength in the wireless mobile communication field, and a better life in the new era of information and communication brought by the scientific and technological innovation.


On the opening day, Mr. Miao Wei, the Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,visited Datang stand.


TDD: Innovation builds intelligent network

In the "innovative technology" exhibition area, Datang Telecom Group showcased innovations in the field of applied technology, such as DTX, HSPA +, Cell portion, radio resource dynamic control and other main technologies like DC remote, landscaping antenna and other green communication innovations.

In the “TD-LTE” exhibition area, Datang Telecom Group displayed the commercial products – integrated small base station. This product can satisfy the operators and industry customers’ needs for filling up the blind points in some hot areas as well as some blind parts, and some special needs for covering whole scene or particular scene.

Meanwhile, Datang Telecom Group, in the "Network Products and Services" exhibition area, displayed 2/3G integration and optimization, LTE series product testing evolution, complete auto road test solution, third party optimization and network covering services, the whole standard testing software, key modules of tools in RAN side etc.

In this exhibition, it can be learned that Datang Telecom Group is now positively transferring from simple engineering services system to the "great service".


Visiting group of Iran Ministry of Information and Communication Technology at TD exhibition area.


Terminal chips and solutions: industry driving force

“Smart phone solution” area exhibited low-cost, highly integrated single Android 2.X smart phone chip solution, which aimed at the DTivyTM L1809/L1809G single-chip solution for smart phones on the popular smart phone platform. This solution can significantly reduce the size and cost of PCBA, helping customers quickly launch competitive smart phones with the price of only about 1000.

In addition, for smart phone platform with high-performance, Datang will also launch a 40nm-based baseband processor chip in the future, whose processing capacity targeted at middle and high-end market processor application add a single-core solution with Modem. The biggest highlight in the "LTE Modem Solution" is the industry's first TD-LTE/TD-HSPA dual-mode baseband processor chip DTivyTM L1760. The program is based on the indigenous dual-mode baseband processor chip LC1760 TD-LTE/TD-HSPA, 40 nm or higher technology will be the future evolution.


A visiting group from Japan Telecommunications Association was listening TD products’ introduction at Datang exhibition stand.


Internet of things and industry applications: enhance a new "wireless broadband speed"

In this exhibition section, Datang Telecom Group display the TDD private network product for networking needs of industrial customers, which combines internet of things, mobile Internet, cloud computing, radio and TV broadcasting network and other applications in various fields, building a full range of products and whole scene solutions.

"Smart City" exhibition section showcaseed the solution of the "intelligent transportation and logistics", the solution of "smart logistics" which has been commercially used in bonded airport logistics district, and the solution of "intelligent fire protection" using a unified platform and multi-level fire sensors, in order to build the basis of "digital city ".

In the "smart card applications" exhibition area, Datang Telecom Group exhibited the social security card chip (including the financial function) solutions, financial IC card chip solutions, mobile payment solutions, on-site payment solutions, remote payment solutions. Beyond that, Datang also exhibited cloud computing and critical components of internet of things in this area.


Mobile Internet: a better life at your fingertips

Facing the development trend of mobile Internet, Datang Telecom Group actively develops mobile entertainment, electronic reading, dedicated terminal, value-added application and other industry modules.



Visitors interested in smart city area.


The exhibition also displayed the phone flat AirWe S500, smart phones AirWe S300T with a price of 1000RMB, and platform solutions "family pass" for the elders, children and other groups, and the efficient police phone PL10T, PL12W for the traffic police, vehicle administration office and other staff in the police affair systems, dedicated logistics terminal DT620 which can be used widely, and intelligent scanning terminal DT890. Datang aims to provide people from various industries new "equipments" in the mobile internet era.

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14 October.2011
Datang Telecom Group Exhibited at PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 201..
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