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Datang Vice President and CTO Chen Shanzhi Delivered a Speech at WTISD 2011-08-16

2011 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day organized by China Institute of Communications was held in Beijing at May 17th to 18th. This year, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day highlighted the theme “Better life in rural communities with ICTs”. Attended the event were Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Xi Guohua, Telecommunication Administration Bureau Director Xia Han, Head of International Cooperation Department Chen Yin, leaders from National Development and Reform Commission, Minister of Agriculture, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology as well as three major telecom carriers, well-known ICT enterprises. Chen Shanzhi, Vice President and CTO of Datang Telecom Group, upon the invitation of organizer, delivered a keynote speech entitled TD Promotes Countryside Informatization Giving a Boost to Harmonious Society Development.

Mobile Internet Will Be a Major Engine for Rural Informatization

Data showed that on the one hand there was broad space for rural informatization, while on the other there was bottleneck to the growth of rural netizens, which posed pressing needs to further enhance rural information services and upgrade the application of information technology in rural areas. In this regard, Chen Shanzhi said that China's rural information communication services should be upgraded from telecom service to information service.

At the same time, information technology for rural areas also embraced two major opportunities. Mobile netizens in rural area gave a boost to the growth of Internet users. And mobile Internet had a great appeal to youth in rural areas.

“Mobile Internet will be a major engine for rural informatization.” Said Chen Zhishan.

TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE Will Promote Mobile Internet Development in Rural Areas

Analysis on Internet users character in rural areas showed, Chen Shanzhi said, TD-SCDMA coincided with the need of young and low-income net users in rural areas, thus entertainment application and mobile price were determinate element for rural mobile Internet development.

Chen Shanzhi highlighted that TD-SCDMA users in rural areas formed a foundation for mobile net users, making it possible to transform from Internet to mobile Internet. At the same time, with the full coverage of TD-SCDMA in China, TD-SCDMA would create a more solid foundation to promote TD-LTE competitiveness in the future.

Fulfilling Central Enterprises Responsibility Promoting Harmonious Social Development

As a central hi-tech enterprise, Datang actively implemented the fundamental national policies of “ensuring people's well-being”, “promoting development” and “maintaining stability” and central enterprises responsibility by promoting harmonious social development through informatization. At present, agro-related solutions proposed by Datang realized full process quality monitoring, creating a food safety tracking service platform.

Datang and Xinhua News Agency co-created “Xinhua Reader Digital Service Platform”, providing to people in rural areas reading materials and targeted service information.

Datang also paid attention to vulnerable groups and proposed “senior citizens caring mobile telecom solution”. Up till now, Datang has sold 270 thousand plus senior citizen mobiles.

Chen Shanzhi said that at present China's rural Internet had leapfrog development opportunities. Chen suggested in his speech to accelerate rural mobile Internet development by enhancing network, terminals, costs and application. He also suggested several policies including accelerating 3G network building in rural areas, expanding 3G network coverage, promoting its quality, and further informatization infrastructure construction. In the end, Chen called on enterprises to be devoted in rural life and agro-related telecom research and application. With joint efforts of different social sectors, we would implement the national five year plan and advance agriculture modernization through informatization, building of new socialist countryside, so rural people can enjoy life better information and communication!

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16 August.2011
Datang Vice President and CTO Chen Shanzhi Delivered a S..
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