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Innovation of Datang
Innovation of DatangDuring the process of the development of TD-SCDMA from international standard to its industry marketability, Datang, as the initiator of standards, the owner of core intellectual property rights and the promoter of indu…
Dissemination and Application of Internet of Things on Wisdom Agric…It is generally recognized at home and abroad that, the expression “Internet of Things” was first proposed by Professor Ashton from MTI Auto-ID Center in 1999 when he did the research of RFID. In International Telecom…
Instruments and Meters of Datang Mobile Achieve Huge ImprovementKeeping independent innovation, Datang Mobile is dedicated in TDD product development and solutions research to initiate communication brand belongs to China. We put great efforts in development and manufacture of commu…
What TD-LTE Network Planning Tools Aim at?TD-LTE system adopted new techniques like OFDM and MIMO. Concerning coverage character and plan, compared with GSM and TD-SCDMA, which aspects influence TD-LTE network plan?
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