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Instruments and Meters of Datang Mobile Achieve Huge Improvement 3 July.2011

New look and developing trend of instruments and meters of Datang


Keeping independent innovation, Datang Mobile is dedicated in TDD product development and solutions research to initiate communication brand belongs to China. We put great efforts in development and manufacture of communication instruments and meters. This marks that Datang begins to explore other communication areas besides primary devices and applies China’s independent communication standard into varieties of areas.


In 2010, remaining its scope and market share increasing, the instruments and meters products of Datang Mobile penetrate its soft power gradually to build brand image. Datang Mobile released its new generation TD-SCDMA terminal protocol consistency tester ECT6210 (hereinafter referred to as ECT6210) in this April. The meter received positive evaluation from the industry due to its normalized design, advanced TTCN scripting language development, high efficiency, low cost and capability of evolving into TD-LTE.


It was only half year from signing meters purchasing contracts with Research Institution of China Mobile and Huawei Technologies in July 2010 to ECT6210’s widely application into 6 million terminals of Research Institution of China Mobile in September. During this period, expertise and scale of talents in Datang Mobile played important roles, indicating Datang will win huge success in the instruments and meters market which was formerly dominated by foreign manufacturers.


Zhao Lijun, president of Wuxi Internet of Things Institution of China Mobile gives introduction to Zhu Hongpo, vice president of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, saying:” As the only meter that is capable of running TD-SCDMA terminal protocol consistency tests in the world, ECT6210 filled the gap in terminal protocol consistency tests. Besides, ECT6210 provided a platform for standardization evaluation for mobile and chip developers and manufacturers on whether their products could fully meet clients’ requirement. This is a huge motivation for TD and even the entire communication industry.” ECT6210 terminal protocol consistency testers’ release met both requirement from TD-SCDMA market and its terminal industry development. It was developed in accordance with communication instrument and meter business decision, market and clients requirement and oriented by market demands.


Speeding up cooperation between instrument and meter


In the beginning of 2008, Datang Mobile released TD-SCDMA terminal protocols consistency testing meter, mainly applied for certification of lab testing and commissioning of terminal and chip manufacturers. For MII’s MTNet terminal testing, Datang Mobile’s protocol consistency testing meter was appointed as the only qualified tester, and completed over 400 terminal testing items with 100% accuracy. Besides, Datang Mobile’s protocol consistency testing meter was appointed as the only testing meter for terminal selection testing of the test station of Research Institution of China Mobile.


With ECT6210’s wide application in selection testing of certification authorities and operators, its market penetration is increased. Currently, agreement was achieved in the business negotiation between ECT6210 and Chinese chip manufacturers; meanwhile, business negotiation with famous international chip and terminal manufactures is under way. Some famous international meter manufacturers are seeking for cooperation opportunities, among which Rohde and Schwarz stated their hope to co-build TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA multi-mode protocol and RRM consistency testing meters with Datang Mobile, depending on Datang Mobile’s leadership in TD-SCDMA protocol consistency testing meter market. Instrument and meter of Datang Mobile received recognition from more terminal and chip manufacturers as well as other instrument and meter manufactures. Meanwhile, it has made great contribution to driving commercialization of the whole TD industry chain and enhancing the operation efficiency entirely for the industry chain.


Rapid development of instrument and meter


Datang Mobile’s experience in ECT6210 and TD-SCDMA meter technology and market will be applied gradually into the developing process of TD-LTE terminal protocol consistency testing meters. In 2010, instrument and meter business department launched the projects, developing and designing for TD-LTE terminal protocol consistency meter—ECT 7310 (hereinafter referred to as ECT7310). Meanwhile, Datang Mobile initially released proposal of protocol consistency meter evolution from TD-SCDMA to TD-LTE, and identified the smooth evolution technology of system simulator and URM. For the system simulator, with the same structure, TD-LTE’s baseband processor module was added to support TD-LTE function. This action brought no effect on TD-SCDMA processing to guarantee multiple communication modules to work at the same time. RF module was added to support TD-LTE frequency range. Control, configuration and UI of the meters completely satisfied the common platform for both TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA.


Absorbing all the advantages from ECT6210, ECT7310 shares the common platform and operation mode with ECT6210. To upgrade to TD-LTE, the clients just need to upgrade protocol stack and script of software and add baseband and RF interface card. While protocol consistency tester won the success, Datang Mobile started to put more efforts into RF testers’ development. Currently, most Chinese terminal RF testers relied on foreign technology for RF platform construction. Without full independent intellectual properties, most benefit was gained by those foreign RF platform manufacturers. To change the current situation, Datang Mobile officially released completely researched and developed RF platform—terminal universal tester TCP3110 (hereinafter referred to as TCP3110), which combined multiple function including, signal generation, spectrum analysis and protocol simulation. Both the hardware and software platforms are designed by Datang Mobile independently with complete intellectual properties. Compared with other major terminal universal testers, as the platform for terminal production, TCP3110 is highly efficient and stable with low cost. Its advantages cover the following aspects:


>> Supporting signaling and non-signaling mode;

>> Supporting flexible expansion of wireless modes including TD-LTE, FDD-LTE and GSM/GPRS/EDGE;

>> Supporting two terminals testing at the same time for saving users’ investment;

>> High testing speed, single mobile testing is controlled within 30 seconds to enhance terminal production efficiency;


Supporting auto generation of testing report and auto recording of testing data.


As a breakthrough product of Datang Mobile in Chinese terminal RF testers, CTP3110 provides a RF platform for other products to build a series of RF and PRM consistency testing solutions, so as to reduce cost of the whole terminal meter industry and drive the industrialization of terminal testers of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE.


Prospects of communication instrument and meter industry


Through analysis into communication instrument and meter industry, Datang Mobile believes that the future Chinese mobile communication standard will be TD-LTE, smoothly evolved from TD-SCDMA; terminal chip solutions will cover GSM, TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE; and future mobile communication network will develop towards co-existence of these three systems. TD-SCDMA represents the smooth evolution towards TD-LTE and LTE-A and data cards will be used for data business acquirement in the future.


Under currently condition, Datang Mobile laid solid technical basis with TD-SCDMA terminal protocol consistency tester. Datang Mobile is dedicated in development and promotion of TDD terminal consistency tester solutions. Meter solutions will cover multiple systems including GSM, TD-S and TD-L and support expansion mode and multi-mode inter-operation software of smooth evolution. Meanwhile, it will satisfy varieties of requirement from different area, ranging from certification institution to operators system selection, terminal R&D, production and testing to build completely initial instrument and meter brand “made in China”.

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