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Key Characteristics and Future Prospects of TD-LTE-Advanced

In the 6th ITU-R WP5D Meeting held in Dresdner, Germany in October 2009, ITU received six IMT-Advanced candidate technical proposals from different countries and standardization organizations. After ITU collecting 3G global mobile communication technology standard IMT-2000, a new round of global mobile communication technology standard fight begins. TD-SCDMA candidate technology submitted by Datang Telecom on behalf of China in 1999 was later adopted as one of the five IMT-2000 global core standards. In 2009, its follow-up evolution technology TD-LTE-Advanced submitted to ITU by China became one of six candidate IMT-Advanced technology proposals. This article focuses on the details of TD-LTE-Advanced candidate technology submitted by China, such as: key technology characteristics, the conclusion on the technology and our prospects.

Instruments and Meters of Datang Mobile Achieve Huge Improvement

Keeping independent innovation, Datang Mobile is dedicated in TDD product development and solutions research to initiate communication brand belongs to China. We put great efforts in development and manufacture of communication instruments and meters. This marks that Datang begins to explore other communication areas besides primary devices and applies China’s independent communication standard into varieties of areas.

Dual-stream Beamforming Technology—TD-LTE Innovative Technology of Datang Mobile

As the main technology for TD-LTE network construction, dual-stream beamforming technology is a multi-antenna enhancement technology. Combining both smart antenna beamforming technology and MIMO spatial multiplexing technology, it is the innovation achieved by China Mobile and Datang Mobile together, presenting the technologies of Chinese communication industry.

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