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Dissemination and Application of Internet of Things on Wisdom Agriculture 3 July.2011

It is generally recognized at home and abroad that, the expression “Internet of Things” was first proposed by Professor Ashton from MTI Auto-ID Center in 1999 when he did the research of RFID. In International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report 2005, the definition and scope of Internet of Things have changed, expanding beyond Internet of Things based only on FRID.


 Even since Premier Wen Jiabao put forward the concept "To Feel China "in August 2009, Internet of Things was officially listed as one of five new strategic industries, which was included in "Government Work Report". Internet of things attracts much greater attention in China than that in the United States, the European Union and other countries.


Precision Agriculture--Solution for Agriculture Internet of Things from Datang Mobile


“Internet of Things for Agriculture" is the application of “Internet of Things” on agricultural production management. It achieves full monitoring and management of agriculture production via operation terminal, transmitting data through wireless sensor network, wireless mobile communications network, cable networks.


“Internet of Things for Agriculture " changes the extensive agricultural business management mode, and improves crop epidemic disease prevention capacity. It guarantees agricultural products safety and leads the development of modern agriculture.


Datang Mobile proposes new goals for Internet of Things for Agriculture system:


Employ Internet of Things to monitor the operation of agricultural economy, to master agricultural production and agricultural economy information, to monitor costs and profits changes of agricultural production, to provide analysis for agricultural production and operation.


Increase the electronic and network level for agricultural market regulation, set up one-stop service for higher efficiency and lower costs.



Support decision support, production, dynamic monitoring and early warning sign. Strengthen the agricultural information service system, improve information technology equipment, improve the information services team, extend the information network and enhance information services capabilities.


Structure of Solution for Agriculture Internet


Datang Mobile proposes Wisdom Agriculture system solution of Internet of Things for Agriculture to achieve the above three goals:


The system has three layers, namely, sensor layer, transport layer, application layer. Their functions are as follows:


Internet of Things for Agriculture Sensor Layer 


The main task of this layer is to achieve automatic and real-time transform of the physical figures of real-world agricultural production into digital information or data that is processable in virtual world through various means.


The informaiton categories that Internet of Things for Agriculture collects:


(1) Agricultural sensor information: temperature, humidity, pressure, gas concentrations and vital signs, etc.;


(2) Agricultural products attribute information: name, model, feature and price, etc; 


(3) Agricultural working status information: operating parameters of apparatus, equipment, etc;

(4) Agricultural location information: location of products, etc;


Information collection layer's main task is to mark the various kinds of information, and collect the marked information and the physical information in the real world by sensing techniques, and then transform them to digital information for processing. Information collection layer involves these techniques: two-dimension code labels and readers, RFID tags and readers, cameras, GPS sensors, terminals, sensor networks.


Internet of Things for Agriculture Transport Layer 


The main task of this layer is to collect and summarize the agricultural information acquired through Sensor Layer for processing. Transport Layer is the nerve center and cerebra of Internet of Things for Agriculture, transmitting and processing data. The network layer includes the integration of the Internet network and telecommunication, network management center, information center and intelligent processing centers. Information collection layer employs the following techniques, cable networks, wireless networks, etc.


Internet of Things for Agriculture Application Layer 


The main task of this layer is to analyze and process the information collected so as to cultivate digital awareness of the real word. The application layer is a combination of Internet of Things for Agriculture "social division of labor” and agriculture market need so as to achieve a wide range of intelligence.


Datang Mobile will take Internet of Things as important strategy to realize informationization of industry, and implement the application of Internet of Things in various industries. Agriculture is one of the basic industries vital to the economic viability of the State and the livelihood of its people, thus its informationization and intelligence level is particularly important. Datang Mobile will put forward new application models and scenes of Internet of Things on wisdom agriculture through the tracking research and application of Internet of Things.


Application Scene I: To Establish Reasonable, Effective and Stable Agricultural Eco-environment Management  

Agricultural production is a man-made ecosystem with natural ecosystem as its basis. Compared with the natural ecosystem, it has simpler structure, fewer species, shorter food chain and weak self-adjusting ability, vulnerable to natural climate, pests and diseases, miscellaneous leather growth. The agricultural production is not stable, largely constrained by the natural environment. Therefore a favorable agro-ecological environment should be created in order to achieve better economic efficiency. A sound agricultural ecological environment depends on the support, preservation and adjustment of forests, grasslands, waters and other ecosystems. Productivity of agro-ecosystem is higher than that of natural ecosystem. Thus apart from the sunshine, more assistant energy should be added, such as agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, harvesting, transportation, processing. Only through human labor and management to adjust and optimize the structure and function of ecological systems, can we get maximum output with less input.


Datang Mobile, by integrating a large number of various sensors, video equipments, GIS geographic information techniques, GPS positioning technique, builds an intelligent analysis model to achieve agricultural environment information management platform that can be visited and managed by Internet and desktop computers, smart phones and other terminals.


Ecosystem Management System Platform integrates on-site sensors and background analysis management platform to form intelligent ecological management system platform.


1. Electrochemical ion sensor: soil N, P, K, rapid detection of heavy metals content…


2. Biosensor: Rapid detection of high pathogenic bacteria…


3. Gas sensors: the quality of agricultural products, gas pollution, emission monitoring…


 Application Scene II: Agriculture Production Management That Improves Production System Efficiency


Datang Mobile proposes solution for agricultural production management based on Internet of Things. The goal of agricultural production management is to improve the efficiency of production systems, the added value of invested resources, and to reduce waste and loss of resources. At the same time it implements standardized production and management to improve agricultural production management and competitiveness.


The systems solution’s functions are as follows:


Standardized Management


Organization standardization will standardize each member’s duties and work distribution so that the team would demonstrate its power with work division and collaboration.


Standardize the resources to reduce resource waste.


Operation standardization regulates the processes and instructions of each work.


Management standardization sets up management indicators as evaluation standard to master, adjust and control the operation.


Precision Agriculture Management


Precision Agriculture is a farming management that invests more production material and labor on certain land, and employs advanced techniques to carry out precise farming to increase per unit yield.


Installment Agriculture Management


Installment agriculture is the use of artificial facilities in order to gradually get rid of the constraint of nature imposed on agriculture and to achieve industrialization of agriculture production. It also breaks the seasonal feature of traditional agriculture, provides off-season market to further satisfy the diverse, multi-levels of consumer demands for effectively. The share that installment agriculture takes in farming, forestry, animal husbandry, side-line production and fishery is an important mark of the agriculture modernization.


Healthy Plant


Healthy plant employs scientific plant methods and management to improve crop quality and yield and increase profit.


Datang Mobile uses various sensors, video equipment, GSI geographic information technique, GPS5 positioning technique, two-dimensional code technique to build an intelligent analysis model, forming agricultural production and information management platform, which can be visited and managed through the Internet and desktop computers, smart phones and other terminals.


Application Scene III: Agricultural Products Safety Management That Controls Damages and Losses 


Datang Mobile's agricultural products safety management system monitors the entire process of agricultural safety, promotes agricultural products safety, and provides consumers with safe, reliable, high-quality agricultural products.


The functions of the systems are as follows:


Quality and Safety Management


Agricultural products safety management, based on agricultural enterprise file data, implements electronic management for environment of agricultural products, production and sales, focusing on three main lines "production, inventory, sales”.


Logistics Security Management


IOT-based logistics and transport management features in informationization, intelligence and visualization. It uses the latest infrared, laser, wireless, coding, identification, location, sensors, RFID and other high-tech to realize logistics and transport security.


Trackable Supply Chain Security Management


The system encodes the agricultural products flow with advanced bar code technology to establish agricultural products tracking management so that the consumers will understand the situation of agricultural seed sources, the production base environmental quality, production operation processes, materials and fertilizers use, the processing and sales, etc.


Datang Mobile adopts series of techniques to realize security management:


Quality Safety Management


It uses video equipment, GIS, GPS, two-dimension code technology and builds an intelligent analysis model to form agriculture quality security management platform, which can handle system visit and management of each equipment through the Internet and desktop computers, smart phones and other terminals.


Logistics Security Management


The system adopts GPS satellite navigation and positioning technology, RFID technology, sensor technology, GIS and other technologies. It realizes real time vehicle location, transportation monitoring, visualization and management of online scheduling and distribution, and combination with logistics operating system and production information and order information, to achieve automation and intelligence.

Trackable supply chain:


The system uses various sensors, RFID technology, GIS and GPS technology to build a trackable supply chain platform, which can be visited through the Internet and desktop computers, smart phones and other terminals.


Application Scene IV: Internet of Things Enhances Agricultural Equipments and Facilities Management


With the rapid development of installment agriculture and massive use of equipments, the problems of equipments and facilities become increasingly prominent, and at the same time potential of accidents increases.


To further enhance installment agriculture facilities safety and production level requires agricultural equipments management system.


Facilities and equipments are basic conditions for installment agriculture. The system strengthens the infrastructure maintenance and management of agricultural equipments and facilities, reduces severe adverse effects that the climate change imposes on agriculture, to ensure normal production and supply of agricultural products.


Datang Mobile IOT-based agricultural equipments and facilities management sets the goal to apply IOT information technology to agricultural equipments and facilities management, to increase the added value, and to reduce resource losses. At the same time, it implements standardized agricultural equipments and facilities management to improve the competitiveness of agricultural production.


The main techniques adopted in this solution are as follows: sensors, video monitor; equipment and facilities information base, the situation base, scheduling base and intelligent analysis platform.


The deployment and application of Internet of Things for Agriculture by Datang Mobile realize resource integration, and form a technological system for application and expansion. Internet of Things for Agriculture is based on Internet of Things, communication and sensor technology. This is of great significance to change the way of extensive agricultural operation and management, improve animal and plant epidemic disease prevention and control capacity, ensure the safety of agricultural products, lead the development of modern health agriculture, increase productivity, shorten production cycle, improve the intelligence level of agricultural production, and increase the value of the products during the circulation process.

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