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Mobile Internet Area: Mobile Internet helps to deploy a complete industry

 In Mobile Internet area, Datang exhibits total solutions of telecommunication smart cards. The products include 2G network smart cards: SIM cards supporting GSM network and UIM cards supporting CDMA2000 network, and 3G network smart cards: USIM cards supporting TD-SCDMA and WCDMA networks and RUIM cards supporting CDMA network.

IoT and Industry Informatization Area: strategic new industry

Datang also showcases a series of industry informatization solutions based on TDiN dedicated network: offshore/onshore oilfield solutions, electric power solutions, intelligent agriculture solutions, civil aviation solutions, and railway solutions.

Chip and Solution Area: mobile communication interacts with IC

In chip and solution area, Datang showcases 4 INNOPOWER chips and solutions, respectively for multi-mode LTE market, multi-media smart terminal market and Modem market.

TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE Solution Area: TDD technology helps to enjoy mobile life

In TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE area, visitors can experience services based on TD technology. By adopting Living Meeting system, users can participate in a meeting through a computer, a pad, or a mobile phone. TD technology helps to realize a HD picture mobility of the meeting.

Chen Shanzhi delivered a speech on “ICT China 2012 High Level Forum”

On September 18th, Chen Shanzhi, Vice President and CTO of Datang, delivered a speech, “TD-LTE Industry Development and Technology Evolution” on “ICT China 2012 High Level Forum”. In the speech, Mr. Chen pointed out that with the quick development of global LTE industry, TD-LTE attracted more big operators to join. By July 2012, 80 LTE networks in 38 countries had been in use; 16 operators had announced plans for TD-LTE commercial use. There were 9 commercial networks and 38 trial networks.

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