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SP85 SIP Phone


Applicable to the IMS network, Datang Mobile's SP85 SIP phone is primarily targeted at corporate customers. By working with the IMS network, it provides a range of services and assists customers to press ahead with their IT initiatives. In addition, it can provide a wide range of multimedia applications to meet the demands of home users. Complete with voice call, video call, videoconferencing, presence/speed dial and other functions, the phone provides a terminal for operators to release advertisements and launch value-added services.

High-quality application experience
7-inch LCD touch screen, providing high-quality images. Keypad and touch screen operation modes: The keypad meets the dial and usage habits of users while the touch screen provides users with an intuitive operation experience.
High quality chips to deliver a premium voice effect
With a built-in DaVinci chipset from world-class chip provider TI (Texas Instruments), the phone is equipped with AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) to ensure optimum voice effects.
Various kinds of expansion interfaces
Audio output interface - export audio and image signals to TV and projectors to deliver convenience for video conferencing applications.
Two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces - connect PCs to internet via the phone, highly adapted to the application environments of most enterprises (only one Ethernet interface available for each work station)
USB interface and SID interface - ensure adequate capacity for expansion.
Abundant functional applications
Digital photo frame, music/video play, presence/click-to-dial, remote enterprise contact list, advertisement release, color ring back tone/color ring video and information services.

Application scenario
Datang Mobile offers a full line of SIP phone products, including video phones, and high-end, mid-level and low-end voice phones, to meet a wide range of customer demands. These products are suitable for home and office applications.

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