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The Optimization Services of WLAN Network

DT mobile has been focusing on the services of optimization for wireless local network (WLAN) since 2002. We can provide important basis for the future network expansion to our customers. Some evaluation and optimization work will be done during the beginning of project, such as WLAN signal strength, signal quality, environment channel index, network nodes, link load, flow distribution, rate, design safety, equipment safety and access security index. What’s all is to make the network to achieve the best running condition and to enhance consumer wireless communication experience.

Optimization for WLAN signal quality
Analysis of RF environment
Signal coverage test for AP
Channel throughput test
Wireless flow monitor
Performance optimization for WLAN
Optimization of power control
Optimization of channel plan
Optimization of load balance
Optimization of interference filter
Optimization of rate
Optimization for network security
Optimization of network structure
Optimization of equipment security
Optimization of user side security

Application scenario
Improve the signal quality of WLAN air interface, which is to make user have a high quality access experience.
Improve the WLAN user date security.
Reduce the network security incident and increase network chance investment return.

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