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The Network Optimization Services of CDMA Network

Through a long-term accumulation of the technology, Datang Mobile put forward a new solution for a number of special issues of network optimization services in the CDMA field,and achieve a significant effect in the implementation process. In 2010, with the excellent CDMA technology and rich experience in network optimization and competency in innovation, Datang Mobile achieved the 1st class certificate of Group B for network optimization, awarded by China Telecom. Relying on a professional team of CDMA, a perfect project management experience, Datang Mobile will be the most trusted professional services.

According to the deep analysis of network load, resource and parameter, performance of traffic, the relationship between coverage and capacity and warnings etc. in CDMA, problems and hidden troubles in the network are found out, to deeply optimize the network and speedily improve the system performance.
Daily network optimization of CDMA
Specific network optimization of CDMA
Network planning of CDMA
Network monitoring and evaluation of CDMA
Network optimization for indoor distributing of CDMA
Guarantee service of important communication

Application scenario
For the self-interference characteristics for CDMA2000, the relationship between coverage and capacity is analyzed and researched, adjusting and optimizing the balance of network resources and improving network utilization.
With the abundant experiences in network planning and optimization for the large scene, high-speed railway, highway, tunnel, subway, the sea, rural areas and grasslands etc., comprehensive challenges are easy to deal with.
Targeting optimization difficulties ,such as, respiratory effects and pilot pollution, special schemes are carried out and obvious effects are achieved.
With the introduction of excellent algorithms and optimization methods from different manufacturers and systems to the network optimization process of the CDMA2000, the efficiency of network optimization is enhanced.
Rapid response to spot needs and quick location of difficult network problems.

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