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The Special Issue Network Services of TD-SCDMA

DT Mobile keep tracking of new technologies and new algorithms for different scenarios of new features to explore the parameters of configuration and carry out the existing problems in the network, and actively explore and propose innovative solutions.

TD network services include three parts, one is the special topics of special optimization, another is the network applications and innovative new features research, the other is the special research services of the thematic scenes, The special issue of innovative research of network is to enhance the network competitiveness.

Special optimization
The Special performance testing of terminal
The Special of Expansion and balance of network resources
The Special of increasing the rate of PS domain
The Special of integration planning and optimization among TD and GSM
Optimization of the depth special coverage enhancement

The research of New features and innovative network applications
Practical Research of Project
Rising the performance
Enhancing the user awareness
Upgrading of network optimization tools
The Fusion among TD and GSM

Topics of Special Scenes
High-capacity large venues
High Speed Scenes
Tunnels and subway
Wide coverage (sea, rural, grassland)

Application scenario
following the trend of evolution and technological development
Focusing on the critical needs in the network optimization
perfect solutions to overcome the construction difficulties and assure the success of security at the major communication activities

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