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The Network Planning and Optimization Services of TD-SCDMA

With the wireless network planning and optimization experiences and strong supporting teams, DT mobile provide the comprehensive , full-scene network planning and optimization solutions to solve the problems of different stages of network. And help the service provider to build up their own teams basing on the joint optimization platform.

For the view of network operation and the user awareness, DT Mobile provide the wireless network planning and optimization services including of network planning and design, network monitoring and evaluation ,and the network optimization.

Network Planning and Design Services of TD-SCDMA
Wireless network Planning
Wireless network expansion planning
Wireless network adjustment planning

Network monitoring and evaluation services of TD-SCDMA
Wireless network quality test and evaluation
Wireless network performance evaluation
Perceptual evaluation of user awareness
Depth coverage of the network performance evaluation
Distributed testing and evaluation

Network optimization of TD-SCDMA
Daily Network Optimization
The VIP network optimization
Optimization of TD-SCDMA/GSM
Optimization of Distributed scene

Application scenario
full-scenes of wireless network planning and design, helping to control the inputs
solving the problem of the existing network end to end
Providing good learning platform to enhance the technical level of optimization team

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