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Distribution Landscaping Antenna


Distribution landscaping antennas, which does not increase the propagation loss in the communication, through various means to disguise the appearance of the antenna to achieve the purpose of beautification. These antennas can embellish the city's visual environment, besides reducing the public’s fear of wireless electromagnetic pollution. Special landscaping antenna can be selected according to the different environment to achieve the best cover results and the best visual effects.
Landscaping antenna can be roughly divided into three types: Base station antenna, Area coverage antenna and indoor distribution antenna.


The materials have small loss for wireless electromagnetic wave, the typical attenuation does not exceed 1dB.
Landscaping antenna and it’s construction meet the general seismic, wind, lightning protection grounding requirements.
The antenna materials has the features of high hardness, durability, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, anti-UV, anti-aging properties of good, long life.
The options is satisfied with low cost solution and high reliability.

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