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SPAN RFPO:Automatic Frequency Planning & Optimization Adjacent Areas


SPAN RFPO neighborhood frequency automatic planning and optimization tool is a neighborhood for the district, frequency, scrambling code planning and optimization parameters of the special tools. It supports a variety of test logs and network-side data import and export, Automatic neighborhood planning, automatic frequency scrambling code planning, automatic optimization of adjacent areas (based on drive test, based on the CDL, based on planning), the frequency code word verification, verification and other functions between adjacent areas.


Frequency changes and the adjacent areas scrambling code synchronization Innovation-based drive test 2/3G automatically optimize neighborhood, neighborhood configuration is more realistic wireless environment;
Interference based on road testing innovative, CDL-MR data automatically optimize the frequency scrambling, making the optimization program was consistent with the actual needs, significantly reducing network interference;
Fast Planning for a variety of scenes in particular needs (combination of frequency scrambling code planning, planning to open station, indoor community planning) design special features, Neighborhood frequency optimization more efficient, fast to launch a new open sites, cutover, the daily work of optimizing
Graphical display for easy verification engineers;
2/3G unified management platform adjacent areas, unified parameter management, optimization and adjustment linkage;
Unified management platform scrambling TD frequency, frequency change scrambling code automatically check to ensure the accuracy of network data configuration;
Supports a variety of test logs and network side of the data import and export;
Input documents include: Community table, the table adjacent areas, ODG data, drive test LOG, the output file include: area sheets, neighborhood table, ODG, adjust the work order.

Application scenario
TD adjacent areas, frequency, scrambling code and a strong correlation with each other to contain affect the situation as a whole, unified management platform for a comprehensive;
2/3 G interoperability in the TD data linkage with the GSM system, synchronous changes, simultaneous optimization;
Scale users, interference increasingly strengthened, the frequency code word for the interference faster response optimization.

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