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SPAN NPS:TD-SCDMA Wireless Network Planning Software


Datang Mobile SPAN NPS is the industry's first self-developed TD-SCDMA wireless network planning software. As the industry's most professional, most mature and most widely used commercial TD-SCDMA and evaluation of system simulation platform, SPAN NPS has a strong capacity of wireless network planning, radio network planning can significantly improve efficiency and reduce OPEX, TD-SCDMA network planning is a powerful tool.
SPAN NPS as the support of the industry's first commercial TD-SCDMA network planning software, has nearly a hundred cities in the country TD-SCDMA network pre-planning, China Mobile is the only use of an Olympic city network planning tools. 2007,2008 China Mobile TD-SCDMA network planning software, bidding projects, Datang Mobile SPAN NPS planning software market share in excess of 50% of the outstanding achievements, Datang Mobile SPAN NPS planning software is the China Mobile TD-SCDMA network planning and construction planning and design tool for the mainstream.

After a rigorous assessment comparison shows that, SPAN NPS planning simulation fully compatible, and match the TD-SCDMA radio network planning process, already have a certain comprehensiveness, accuracy, professionalism and advanced.
Support TD-SCDMA/HSDPA/MBMS/HSUPA system planning;
TD-SCDMA and GSM co-planning.
By actual data and the SPAN NPS network simulation data were compared, Both RSCP or C / I prediction and drive test results are very consistent, Both RSCP or C / I prediction and drive test results are very consistent, Fully illustrated SPAN NPS tool is much more accurate simulation of the situation after the network construction.
TD to provide professional pre-planning tool to help users quickly and investment scale computing network;
Professional, comprehensive TD / GSM data modeling (including smart antenna modeling, TD modeling of network equipment, etc.);
Simulation parameter setting and take full account of the characteristics of TD-SCDMA equipment;
Comprehensive, detailed simulation of TD of the various characteristics, such as smart antennas, joint detection, TDD interference, RRM algorithms;
Providing advanced frequency planning, code planning algorithm;
Fully consider the characteristics of TD systems to provide rich, valuable layer simulation, the performance of statistical indicators;
Extensive analytical tools, provide as graphical analysis, point analysis and other tools to facilitate analysis of specific issues;
The world's most advanced geographic information system ArcGIS.
Planning software evolution research and development update and synchronize the master;
Draw on experience in building engineering, simultaneous correlation algorithm optimization software update.

Application scenario
TD-SCDMA network in the neighborhood, scrambling code, frequency planning;
Consider the TD with a unified system of coexistence of GSM and more;
TD evolution of technology has different characteristics, in the planning process with the characteristics of the technology planning simulation program considering.

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