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SPAN iADS:Automatic Drive Test System Background Network Edition


SPAN iADS is remotely intelligent back-end server computing background analysis of drive test tools to automate the analysis of the drive test index statistics, combined with the joint problem of positioning the upper and lower rows of data.

Online back-analysis tools, automatic acquisition and network side of the massive drive test data;
Automatic statistical indicators of massive drive test, according to statistics of China Mobile Group, the normative content of the output of standard statistical reports, quickly come to network quality assessment report;
Automatic analysis of massive drive test data: automatic call failure, dropped calls, weak coverage and interference issues such as summary, analysis, and output statements, given the proposed changes to improve the optimization efficiency;
Switching in sections / regional auto-discovery and auto-related problem areas associated with the cell concentration of the relevant information presented;
Combination of up and down key events analysis, drive test data can be automatically associated with the network side of CDL;
Geography of coverage / interference analysis: presentation of a variety of geographic overlay, interference graph, can be customized according to various thematic analysis of associated conditions, such as: over coverage, strong interference;
SPAN Analysis can be combined to optimize the diagnosis of difficult problems.

Application scenario
Drive test equipment for automatic control, analysis, review the test results of automatic drive test;
CDL file with comprehensive analysis of the network side locate network problems.

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