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SPAN Analysis:Drive Test Background Analysis


SPAN Analysis is an easy-to-advanced network measurement data processing and analysis system. Support SPAN Outum and SPAN ADT acquisition processing and analysis of data obtained.


Common data-rich analysis capabilities, allowing users the flexibility to generate various statistical reports;
Playback and human interaction to provide data analysis capabilities, providing a detailed analysis of network problems means for quick positioning, improve efficiency;
Support the graphical display, zoom and drag the map;
Geography of strong outdoor and indoor building floor test data analysis;
Support GSM / GPRS / EDGE / TD-SCDMA / HSDPA / MBMS / HSUPA multi-system data analysis;
Support the signaling process analysis, process analysis based on the key events signaling the definition of more flexible, more accurate;
Flexible data presentation, statistical methods, and custom integration, report generation function;
Multi-log data, large data processing, up and down combined analysis to support merging common data stream;
Thematic analysis of professional;
Free combination of analysis, to achieve comprehensive analysis;
Powerful signaling, event analysis.

Application scenario
The system helps users to easily test statistical analysis of drive test data, indoor test data, visualize the air interface issues, and analyze data to get the program to resolve network problems.

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