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SPAN ADT: Auto Test Drive Test Reception


SPAN ADT is independently developed by Datang Mobile, China's first full-standard network automatic drive test system, Can achieve a variety of standard road network of automatic test data collection and storage, Can be applied to the wireless network to monitor network quality, optimize the effect evaluation, cutover, checks and routine maintenance, Optimized for network engineers to provide a more powerful drive test tools. SPAN ADT revolutionized the concept of the traditional road test, unattended, remote control, the way to minimize the human cost of test; Upload data in real time, centralized management; terminal unified management, real-time monitoring, so make plans, to reduce duplication of testing.

Terminal can be measured automatically in the correct way to establish web monitoring and automatic drive test system, FTP server, the case of communication links, according to web monitoring system automatically drive test instructions issued by the test data collection, Receive and perform automated drive test web monitoring system issued a variety of remote control commands, and will collect the test data uploaded to the FTP server in the correct folder;
Terminal on the vehicle, including test modules in a variety of hardware devices, including connection, identification and management of LED status suggest that the correct operating state display device;
Response Monitoring Center issued the various orders;
Download the configuration file, test plan document;
By performing drive test data collection test plan;
Normal completion of the test data compression and upload, etc.;
Modular design, the largest support 8 test test module;
Support for single-mode GSM, TD single-mode, TD \ GSM dual-mode test module;
8 USB interface, support for data copying, external GSP, test phone, SCANNER and other equipment;
Ethernet, display, mouse and keyboard interface, support for local maintenance;
Support for external or internal battery;
Automatic fault recovery, restart function;
Support for data integrity protection mechanism.

Application scenario
Network optimization test, implement automated unattended DT.

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