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SPAN ADC: Automatic Background Monitoring Road Test


SPAN ADC is independently developed by Datang Mobile, China's first auto road test all standard network monitoring system, The ADT system is the background data acquisition front-end management, monitoring subsystem. ADC sub-system by the monitoring center, FTP servers, ADT monitoring front-end to complete the configuration information is updated, the test plan update, Collection uploaded on the front-end ADT data storage management; Background background monitoring subsystem can be used with automated analysis subsystem, The online version of intelligence analysis software iADS, complete data acquisition, presentation and automatic analysis.

Control Center users within the system, terminal management, its registration, online, offline and other states, which are processed, The global configuration information, the terminal configuration information, configuration and test plan issued, the configuration information updates, test plans and updating process control, According to reported incidents, IE, MOS scores and other real-time display, real-time display alarm information reported for other operations such as remote vehicle terminal.
Web page publishing, Web log issued by the remote control command;
Remote terminal management, status query, configure, update;
Multi-period setting test tasks, test tasks periodic cycle;
Multi-module, multi-task configuration test script concurrent test;
Terminal group management, test plan batch;
Real-time exception record, interactive control command;
IE measured in real time, MOS score query;
Add a map control, real-time testing IE geography of presentation layer and track terminal;
Add event monitoring, real-time measurement of the terminal event, signaling process tracking;
FTP Server description;
The test configuration used to store back-end tasks file;
Store front-end for the return of test data files;
Used to store the software version information;
The combination of remote and localized.

Application scenario
Network optimization test, drive test equipment for automatic control.

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