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EXPT CDG :GIS-based Mass Insight CDL-MR


EXPT CDG is a CDL and MR data based on network performance monitoring and network optimization analysis tool. By the RNC's CDL / MR automated statistical analysis of the data, automatically and efficiently complete a variety of thematic analysis, save manpower, enhance the efficiency of network optimization to reduce the cost of network optimization.

To provide the entire network performance monitoring and daily performance monitoring area, according to user needs, you can view the whole network and all district-level performance indicators; to provide today's Problem CELL function, is used to summarize all the problem cells of the day .
Provide H business, non-H business load control, analyzed the proportion of the load cell; provide geographic area of high load of the display.
Provide optimal analysis of the problem indicators, including analysis of cross-cutting themes, thematic analysis of longitudinal, long-term indicators change analysis, optimization of adjacent areas, TOPN plot analysis, the terminal analysis.
Provide RRC failed plot ,RAB failed plot, dropped calls district, RNC failure within the switch area, the relocation fails district, across the system failed to switch cell, high-load area and many other features, check a more detailed overview, a full range of query, flexible time and network element settings for easy viewing any time of the network performance.
Geographical area with different issues of display, so that the interface presents a more vivid image.
Quickly found that the whole network KPI indicators of the impact TOPN community and quasi-real-time display and processing.
Support track and analyze specific users, the number of failure to make a call through display, providing VIP service.
IMEI-based capacity analysis for the terminal, providing detailed by terminal type, manufacturer, model, chips, protocol version of a full range of information, analysis, performance differences of each end brands, provide the basis for the procurement end, the focus on solving the problem of reference terminal.
Aspects of the user's perception of a unique innovation, based on IDLE state, CS domain, PS domain of user-aware analysis, found to affect user perception of network, terminal, chips and other issues, to help users effectively enhance the perception.

Application scenario
Grand master device area using the product.
Statistics from the whole network signaling targets the specific reason for the failure to keep statistics for routine network maintenance and optimization.
Based on IMSI, IMEI signaling analysis, for fast processing user complaints.
To the statistics of the terminal in the network's brand distribution, type distribution, and distribution of indicator-based terminal.

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