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EXPT CDD:CDL Signal Analysis



EXPT CDD signal analysis was used to analyze the data of Datang Mobile CDL. Features include switching analysis, IMSI analysis and other functions.
EXPT CDD statistical functions include UE call process analysis, call statistics analysis, call-drop analysis, switch statistics, VIP user management, IMSI / IMEI traffic statistics, important event statistics, etc.; and statistical items support export to statistical reporting.

To provide a portable network optimization tools, by analyzing call detail log files, get the results of UE calling detail process.
Graphical display call signal flow.
CDL files automatically capture, reduce the maintenance workload.
One-touch operation get the call statistics, drop- call analysis, traffic analysis, switching statistics,2-3G interoperability statistics,etc.
To provide customizable important events statistical features.
To provide VIP user statistics, to be able to statistics protect the user, complaint user complaints, the test statistics of users by category.

Application scenario
TD-SCDMA KPI continue to improve, difficulty increased, CDL can analysis various event information of call process, to locate problems in the network.
CDL extracted from the device file contains a lot of information through specialized tools focusing our attention on.
Network optimization experts have portable analysis tools, also can analyze problems and fix problems at any time.
Graphical display call signal failure flow, quickly find the key.

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