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AP (Access Point): WLA2100


Datang Mobile's WLAN products are primarily put to use in WLAN coverage in the 3G+WLAN environments of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, in network coverage in broadcasting and in industrial application environments.

WLAN products are mainly classified into AP (Access Point) and AC (Access Controller) devices. AP is a small wireless base station device that delivers wireless coverage in both indoor and outdoor environments. AC centrally manages and configures APs, and provides user management, RF management, roam control and load balance functions.

802.11n support
It supports the 802.11n wireless transmission protocol to significantly increase the data rate. With a purchased license it can be upgraded to the 802.11n version without any necessity to upgrade the hardware or software to best protect the investment of the user.

IPv6 support
It supports IPv4 and IPv6 to apply to the existing IPv4 network environment and also the IP network upgrade to meet the requirements of the operator.

WAPI support
It supports all the WAPI requirements of the operator, and the customer's data rate will not be reduced when WAPI authentication is used to deliver a secure and pleasing user experience.

Indoor/outdoor integrated solution
It provides a full line of indoor and outdoor products, and indoor/outdoor integrated solutions for seamless roaming indoors and outdoors.

High stability
The AP has 100 mW and 500mW RF cards. In the event of high-power application, no power amplifier is needed to lower the hardware fault rate. Stable and fault-free operation for a long period of time.

Application scenario
It is primarily used for coverage in campuses, stadiums, streets and other outdoor environments.

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